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“As an employer, I’m looking to find effective and innovative ways to offer benefits to my employees that minimize costs and increase value, while helping to attract and retain top talent.”

Employee benefits are a cornerstone of Brad’s company’s compensation, recruiting, and Human Capital Management (HCM) strategy. His C-suite is focused on attracting, engaging, and retaining talent through an innovative benefits offering. With healthcare costs on a trajectory to rise even higher, he is always on the lookout for ways to reduce the cost of employer-provided benefits, while ensuring his multigenerational employees and their dependents are getting the coverage they need. Brad tries to keep up to date with the constantly changing government-regulatory environment — but it isn’t easy. He’s hoping to learn best practices for managing reporting, regulatory changes, and offering a benefits package that creates a healthy, happy, and productive workforce in the most cost-effective manner.

Recommended Agenda


“I want to connect with clients and experts who know first-hand about the impact of operating on a global scale and understand the nuances of recruiting, growing, and compensating a worldwide workforce, to learn from their experiences and bring strategies and best practices back to my organization.”

Maria works for a global company that continues to expand its footprint across geographies. While expansion is great, it brings a new set of challenges for HR, especially regarding HCM systems integration and local compliance. She needs her organization to be agile and have a unified HCM approach that gives her a complete picture of her workforce, while creating a consistent employee experience — from HR to talent, time, benefits, payroll, and other critical people functions. She is interested in learning from other practitioners that have gone through their own growth and transformation experiences and can share insight, best practices, and lessons learned.

Recommended Agenda



“How can I integrate my organization’s resources to make my HR team more efficient and cost-effective, while transforming them from being a tactical to a strategic business partner?”

Rob feels personally accountable for aligning HR services like payroll, benefits, workforce management and talent solutions, with his organization's strategic goals. He hopes to positively impact employee engagement which has been shown to have a direct correlation to organization productivity and the bottom line. In addition, Rob wants to provide his employees and HR partners easy access to data, metrics, reporting, and dashboards. Finally, he wants to help realize a future where his organization is making data-driven business decisions, based on knowledge, expertise, and relevant market insights.

Recommended Agenda


“I am constantly reviewing our systems to make sure I can keep up with ever-changing legislation and technological innovation. How can I keep up to date?”

As an HRIS leader for a growing company, Christine manages multiple implementations and project teams. She wants to make sure she has all the best practices in place to ensure the success of her organization. One of her biggest challenges these days is keeping systems up to date to help the company track and comply with legislative changes regarding tax, audit, employee leave, Health Care Reform, and more. She’s looking to find out everything she can about legislative updates, as well as the latest and greatest in the fast-evolving field of HCM innovation. And, most importantly, how her peers in other companies are tackling this challenge.

Recommended Agenda


“I am looking for new tips and best practices to be successful in my role despite my limited resources.”

Jenny’s company has been using ADP to process its payroll. While she and her team are very proficient, Jenny is always looking for ways to make the payroll process faster, easier, and less costly. She faces constant time constraints along with a wide variety of tax and compliance requirements. Jenny is looking for ways to enable better tracking, reporting, and auditing to more effectively manage the workforce.

Recommended Agenda

Talent Solutions

“As part of my talent strategy, how can I attract, develop and retain top talent to meet organizational needs?”

Frank and his team are responsible for the strategy, processes and HCM tools to acquire, develop, optimize, and reward his workforce. He’s looking to align his business objectives with ways to integrate recruiting, onboarding, compensation planning, performance management, learning, and succession management to help acquire, develop, and retain talent. And, he’s looking to identify the data behind key talent metrics and learn how to leverage those insights to help his organization “future-proof” their talent strategy. He’s also interested in learning about best practices to activate his talent to increase their productivity and engagement to the organization.

Recommended Agenda


Time and Labor Management

“I am interested in ways that organizations are gathering insights from their time and labor management systems to help manage costs, compliance and productivity.”

Jamie knows that her people are her organization’s largest expense, impacting productivity and profitability. She is looking for best practices to help manage labor costs such as the ability to monitor wages, paid time off, leave, overtime, and unplanned absences, as well as the use of expensive temporary and replacement labor, while avoiding the costs of noncompliance. She is interested in learning about mobile technology that offers her diverse employee base easy access to their information to increase engagement and self-service capabilities. She wants technology that uses real-time, data-driven insights to analyze labor costs more strategically to help her managers make decisions to better allocate resources, minimize business disruptions, and optimize productivity.

Recommended Agenda

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