Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Here’s to the “crazy ones” — the ones who believe they can change the world

Here’s to the Crazy Ones

Here’s to the “crazy ones” — the ones who believe they can change the world! Especially an event/organization that is heading into it’s 28th year; in the midst of a year of unprecedented change.  We are doing precisely that, using our Meeting of the Minds Client Advisory Board (CAB) to lead the way. They are the crazy ones, helping to push us toward continuous improvement.  

This year, the 2021 Meeting of the Minds conference  is coming to an office near you (your home or desk at work) via our new ADP Meeting of the Minds platform.  

What the Meeting of the Minds CAB told us: 
You have Virtual Meeting Exhaustion — but, you still need to grow and learn. For our virtual 2021 Meeting of the Minds, we will have great sessions with an emphasis upon shorter meetings with great content and lots of breaks. So plan to take a ”brain break” while meeting new people (virtually) and discover others that share your interest.

So many of these events ”feel” the same.  This year, sessions will be a mix of live and recorded content with every speaker available live during their session via live video, audio discussions and live chat.   Unique to our new platform is the ability to have face-to-face video networking amongst your peers.

I have a very hard time learning in these times. You can personalize your learning experience.  If you’re a content-focused learner, you can zone out all of the chat and really let the speaker lead you.  Or, if you’re more of an engagement-mode learner, you have the ability to maximize interaction by spotlighting all the ways you can connect.

My favorite part of the in-person experience is the networking and I miss that.   Networking has always been a hard nut to crack with any virtual event. But, we think we have just the solution to make it easier than ever to meet people during MOTM.  We are adding structured networking, the ability to set appointments with teams and leaders and ways for you to determine your level of availability.

There wasn’t enough time to tour the Partner Pavilion and get to know your marketplace vendors.  The new platform (MeetingPlay) will allow attendees to communicate and establish times for appointments with our Partners this year. Attendees will be able to book time with exhibitors. Each exhibitor will have 15-to20-minute appointments for a certain number of listed days and time frames. We’ve added the ability to search by Partner name and see scheduled times. 

So how are we changing the world of virtual conferences and how will you KNOW this is an event that you shouldn’t miss? We are proving that our content and user experience is crazy enough to change YOUR future expectations.   We are opening the platform a week before the event so you can complete your profile, get a feel for the virtual experience and even catch some bonus early-bird content.  Session content like notes, handouts and presenter profiles will be available online as soon as the experience opens.