Jennifer Cambern

Jennifer Cambern is the Vice President of Global Client Data Insights and Perspectives.   She leads a team of three departments which include our National Accounts relationship with Enterprise Learning, Client Experience and Strategic Advisory Services.  The team is focused upon measuring and improving client experience through the use of data and insights from our clients.

Prior to this position Jennifer spent over eight years leading various product management teams as Chief Product Owner for ADP’s National Accounts and Major Accounts Divisions.

Jennifer joined ADP in 2010, having previously worked as Vice President of Product Management with Ceridian, COO for H&R Block’s RSM McGladrey Employer Services and as a Deputy Director of Finance HR and IT for the Georgia Office of School Readiness and the Georgia Lottery.

In addition to her work at ADP, Jennifer volunteers for the American Whitewater Association, completing river clean ups and volunteering for whitewater rescue duties across Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Jennifer also volunteers with the Nature Conservatory completing clean ups of America’s Wild spaces.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and an MBA from the Georgia State University’s Robinson School of Business.   She also holds certifications as a PMP, AIPMM, CPO and Scrum Master.

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