What makes ADP Meeting of the Minds stand out among other HCM industry conferences?

What came first…the chicken or the egg? You’ve heard that one before, but for ADP Meeting of the Minds, our annual Human Capital Management conference…

What makes ADP Meeting of the Minds stand out among other HCM industry conferences?

What came first…the chicken or the egg?  You’ve heard that one before, but for ADP Meeting of the Minds, our annual Human Capital Management conference… We ask ourselves this question instead:  What came first…the Clients or the Content?  You might think that’s a tough one…but it’s not.  The reason is that when we design our conference, we look FIRST to what the clients tell us they want to hear and see.  We design conference content based on what the clients tell us by way of feedback surveys and even our ADP Meeting of the Minds Client Advisory Board.  That’s why we can confidently tout that this conference is FOR clients, BY clients.  Yes, I said it, we have a dedicated ADP Meeting of the Minds Client Advisory Board whose sole purpose is to keep us honest about what our clients want out of the conference.  In this unpaid role, our Client Advisory Board members work year-round to ensure that in every single component of the conference – we’ve got our clients’ interests, needs, and wants covered first!  From helping select keynote speakers and entertainment to narrowing down Learning Track content and even swag and giveaway decisions – our ADP Meeting of the Minds Client Advisory Board (ADP MOTM CAB for short) is involved in just about all aspects of conference planning! And every year, they tell us to invite more client speakers to help share their success stories along with ADP presenters.

One of the areas the ADP MOTM CAB continually presses us to deliver each year – is the inclusion of a wide range of client brands to represent the content in breakout sessions. Over the years, ADP has prioritized sourcing clients from dozens of large, nationally recognized companies to help showcase examples, share tips and techniques, and even participate in panels to shed light on navigating the new world of work.  As the Director of Client Engagement here at ADP, it is my proud honor to work with the session presenters in recruiting talented client speakers for sessions. On average, we host ~40 clients from well-known brands like Tractor Supply, 24 Hour Fitness, and Michael Kors to participate in leading sessions and engaging with our attendees.  You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that sessions with client speakers involved boast some of the highest ratings when surveyed among sessions without client speakers.  Along with ADP presenters, who knows best about the ins and outs of working in the field of Human Resources?

One of my favorite client speakers, Barry Swann from Camping World, was prepped and ready to share his company’s incredible story of employee journey mapping for our March 2020 conference. He was prepared to share a story of employee engagement.  The #1 goal of Camping World’s CEO, Marcus Lemonis, was to treat his employees even better than they treated their customers.  He wanted to find points in the employee lifecycle and provide the utmost respect. Sounds like a simple plan, but in reality, it meant deconstructing the entire employee journey and finding points of potential friction to solve for. The plan was boiled down to 4 stages: pre-employment, Day 2, Day 30, and random calls for check-in.  Imagine that feeling of nervous anticipation before starting a new job. Barry explained how they pulled 2 of the most talented team members from a specific department and armed them with the tools they needed to welcome, listen, and share learnings with leadership.  The day before the new employee’s first day – a call was made to welcome and answer any questions the new-hire had.  This simple gesture lowered the no-show rate and pleasantly surprised the new employees. This kick-started their tenure with Camping World off positively.  The Day 2 call was intended to ensure that the new employees were provided with what they needed to be successful in their roles, as well as feel welcomed to the company. In a competitive retail marketplace, this simple gesture went a long way in retaining employees.  Any concerns raised were immediately raised to retail leadership and allowed issues to be handled quickly.  You can imagine how the 30-day call goes, and so on.  What I like about the ‘random call’ category, is that there’s an opportunity to personally recognize employees with notable tenure. This turns into a ‘stay’ discussion and allows the employees to share why they’ve stayed as long as they have.  All in all, formalizing a plan to check-in with employees verbally with a dedicated team and process for feedback loops was established and Camping World is pleased with the results. Go Barry and Marcus! Go Camping World!

Wanna know a little more about this year’s conference sessions?  We’ve taken a “less is more” approach to sessions both in quantity and in duration.  This helped our presenters distill their topics and ensure the pure essence of their subject is delivered succinctly. Within each of the Learning Tracks offered, you’ll hear how companies are reinventing themselves in our new world of work.  You have to admit it, companies have been ideating plans for workplace innovation for years, but 2020 caused all plans to either accelerate or miss the boat!  Some of the sessions that jump out at me – and ones I’m personally most interested in attending are sessions where ADP presenters will showcase ways to unite teams across your company from seamless recruiting and onboarding experiences to employee engagement practices in remote work environments.  See what I mean, we’ve got you covered.  From Onboarding to Talent Development and Benefits Administration and navigating the new and ever-changing compliance regulations – we’ve got the sessions and learning available to help our attendees be better at their jobs right away. We’re #workingfor always designing for people and that starts with our clients and attendees at our annual ADP Meeting of the Minds conference.  

So, while we’re still a few months out from the conference sessions being available to review and sight up for on the conference website – now you know how much thought and care go into determining topics, speakers, and inviting clients to help share their stories to convey knowledge to you as an attendee.  Now, since I’m in the know, I’ll give you a little insider info – once available, in the early April timeframe, you will be able to choose from over 70 breakout sessions led by both ADP and client speakers from iconic brands as they share their tips and techniques behind breakthrough HCM transformations and experiences. This year, we’ve curated the best of the best sessions over a 2-day conference. We’ve prioritized sessions based on what our clients tell us they want to hear, and can’t wait to share product innovations, product tours, thought leadership, and even a few personal and professional development sessions.  

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